Gems and Earcare Guide – For All Your Earcare Needs

As of not long ago there was practically no limitation on the substance of design gems. To put it plainly, producers were allowed to utilize practically any base metal for the ear post and clasps of your adornments. The most well known expansion to any bit of outfit adornments drew near the plating procedure, and whether the article being referred to was to be silver or gold plated had little effect; the one normal component in all plating of gems was – the utilization of ‘Nickel’.

Nickel was added to improve the sparkle of the studs or necklet. Shockingly it was a very much reported actuality that in specific cases the expansion of nickel could cause an unfavorably susceptible skin response. Precise figures were never grouped concerning what number of individuals this procedure really influenced, yet that didn’t prevent the Eurocrats from acting with power. Before long the ‘Young men in Brussels’ proclaimed that all studs, necklets, rings and pins, truth be told – any style adornments or frill that interacted with the outside of the skin must be ‘without nickel’.

So to total up – presently, when you purchase your design hoops or that pretty necklet, all things considered they ought to be sans nickel. This anyway doesn’t imply that all ear-care stops there – Oh No !

There is as yet an essential cleanliness code you ought to cling to on the off chance that you need to evade future issues. This is the place BACKS is close by to help. Our Product scope of substitution hoop backs, cut cushions, sterile studs and hostile to allergenic arrangement has in the course of recent years helped individuals deal with their gems wearing issues. Accessible broadly all through retail outlets in the U.K. The Backs Earcare Products extend is presently accessible direct for your benefit.


Gold Plate Backs: Suitable for every pierced hoop they are sheltered agreeable and reasonable, for best outcomes both the stud post and the backs ought to be routinely washed down with Backs Ear Clear Solution.

Silver Plate Backs: Exactly as above just silver plate.

Supabacks: Certainly our top of the line thing and presumably the most adaptable of all the substitution backs. The huge plate and secure shot back gives incredible help to even the biggest hoop. This hoop back is likewise perfect if in past years you have developed the piercings in your projections.

Polymer Supabacks: As above, just where Supabacks have a gold plated slug segment – these are totally clear.

Slug Backs: A gold plated shot molded hoop grasp/butterfly, secure and prudent – perfect for all stud types.

Hypo Backs: As above – however by and by produced using high evaluation polymer making them non-responsive and ultra prudent.

Clasp Pads: Designed to facilitate the squeeze brought about by certain clasp studs. On the off chance that the clasp on your hoop has a little gap, at that point these sharp little solace cushions will just push through.

Slip On Pads: A general solace cushion to facilitate the ear-squeeze felt with some adornments. Basically slip the polymer sleeve over the arm of the stud clasp and you adornments is prepared to wear.

Ear Clear Solution: This little container is likely the most significant thing in your gem box. The arrangement is hostile to bacterial, against parasitic and hostile to septic. Perfect for touchy ear cartilage recently pierced ears and the general purging of hoops, necklets, bangles, and all types of body gems (see separate area).


I would prefer not to stress you yet that little gap in your ear projection never in fact recuperates up.

Consider it – on the off chance that it did – you wouldn’t probably wear you hoops! Saying this doesn’t imply that that your body’s guards won’t secure you by shutting the opening around the puncturing however it needs a little assistance from you. Valid, there have dependably been individuals who could wear a corroded nail with little response, where others just need to scratch themselves to feel certified torment or aggravation. I think it is accordingly protected to state that a level of purifying and support can do no mischief and will likely help keep away from a portion of the more upsetting responses that can occur every now and then.

Q I am wearing nickel free studs yet at the same time get aggravation after a brief time of wearing them.

A Your body cycle changes at regular intervals or something like that, similarly as you could once run a hundred yards in 16 seconds, presently that may not be conceivable. So it is with your body, your PH equalization may have changed causing an acidic response. Comparable side effects might be because of prescription – eg. sulfur based medications. Take a stab at utilizing Ear clear Solution on both, the hoop post, stud backs and ear-projections. On the off chance that the side effects endure, change to cut hoops or attempt sterile studs for a brief span, along these lines you will keep your piercings open. In the event that your issues endure – counsel your G.P.

Q My studs feel overwhelming and move about more than they should.

A Somewhere in you gems wearing past you have likely pursued a pattern for substantial or huge stud. Worn over some stretch of time without the right help they have truly extended the openings. Change to a hoop back with a constructed – in circle for help. Supabacks or Polymer Supabacks will help, they won’t restore your ear cartilage to their previous wonder yet they should capture any further extending

Q I am as yet getting disturbance regardless of whether I wear gold gems – why?

A The main unadulterated gold is 24ct . Since ‘Unadulterated Gold’ is too delicate it should be reinforced with an amalgam – the more compound the adornments contains the lower the carat rating eg. 9ct is the hardest donning gold, 22ct is the mildest and by definition the most unadulterated. In the event that you are experiencing difficulty with gold have a go at wearing a higher carat rating, state 18ct. By and by remember to sanitize your studs, this might be sufficient for brief times of wear.

Q My ear flaps are sore when I wear cut hoops.

A This one truly is basic, utilize a clasp cushion. This basic activity will diminish the ear squeeze brought about by a portion of the more forceful ear-cuts.

Q How regularly should I change my stud backs.

An In a perfect world about like clockwork, an increasingly reasonable answer would be take a gander at them intently – do they look past their sell-by date? In the event that so dispose of them – after all you wouldn’t wear a piece of attire for a half year without washing it would you? Keep in mind these hoop backs are alongside your skin, at times 24 – 7. Go on Throw Them Away!

Q I can’t wear design or gold studs without aggravation.

A For reasons recently expressed you have a serious hypersensitive response attempt either a sterile stud like Hypo Studs, they are penetrating quality and are hence about as non-receptive as you can get . On the off chance that this arrangement doesn’t offer, take a stab at sterling silver, ounce for ounce it’s cleaner than 18ct gold.

Keep in mind that customary purging of both the hoop posts, clasps and ear projections can just help avoid contamination and helps comfort.

BODY Jewelry

The prominence in the wearing of body gems is something no one could have anticipated. Miserable to state, the data with respect to mind of both the piercings and the gems itself has not kept pace.

Body puncturing has been completed on pretty much all aspects of the body from the face to, will we say, increasingly private parts. All these piercings make them thing in like manner – THEY MUST BE CLEANSED!

There truly is not a viable replacement for ordinary purging. Backs Ear Clear arrangement is perfect for purging a wide range of body adornments. It’s sterile and hostile to bacterial properties scrub and coat to dodge disease and disturbance. The arrangement is best utilized on ear projections and despite the fact that it won’t hurt other pierced body parts, its prompt impacts are excessively forceful for use on touchy areas.(For External Use Only).

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